February 20th 2017
Indoor out door living: Enjoy your garden
It's predicated that in 2017 that there will be more of a focus on convenience gardening and low maintenance spaces, as people want to enjoy the outdoors but have realised that they need to fit gardening in with their busy schedules.
February 9th 2017
Our network…
Finch & Company as part of the larger group, Goodfellows, covers over 40 square miles of properties. We know all about our local areas and are experts in the property market.
February 8th 2017
DIY on-line or traditional - which method would you choose to sell your property?
On-line agencies according to some experts in the industry are growing in popularity as they are perceived as having a better on-line presence. However in reality this isn’t the case.
January 27th 2017
Happy Chinese New Year
The year of the Rooster - if you were born in 2005 or 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945,  or 1933 you are a rooster and this is your...
January 13th 2017
Healthy New Year
Are you looking for inspiration for January?  Have a look at our juicing favourites or join the Old Ruts for a fitness boost.
January 13th 2017
Visit our new website to find out how much your property is worth.
January 13th 2017
New Year New Website
Happy new year and welcome to our new website – have a look and find out how much your property is worth.
December 8th 2016
Is it all about location, location, location when it comes to selling houses?
Location, location, location is everything when selling a home or is it? What are the other determining factors that could make a property worth more?
November 26th 2016
Tax Changes for Landlords
Make sure you’re prepared for the tax changes that are happening from 2016/17.If you’re going to file your tax return online, you have until 30th December 2016 – if you were planning to do a paper return, you’ve missed the deadline this year which was 31st October 2016!
November 26th 2016
‘Silver surfer’ renters
Recent news from Saga indicates that nearly a third of people aged 50 and over are now living in rented accommodation. An increase from just over one in four back in 2011.  The increase of 15% in the last five years has been investigated by Saga and the rise has been apportioned to the rising divorce rate and higher house prices.
October 12th 2016
Lifestyle Magazine - Autumn 2016
Brand new Goodfellows magazine - have a read!
October 5th 2016
Property prices in Sutton pushed up by top performing school…
In Sutton we are very fortunate to have some of the best-rated secondary schools in the country including a number of grammar schools