Indoor out door living: Enjoy your garden

February 20th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Indoor out door living: Enjoy your garden

According to House Beautiful there will be a continued trend for gardening and outdoor living throughout 2017. However this year they predict that there will be more of a focus on convenience gardening and low maintenance spaces, as people want to enjoy the outdoors but have realised that they need to fit gardening in with their busy schedules. Gardening can be very therapeutic and also good exercise, so what’s not to love? If you have a garden big or small you can still enjoy your outside space.

There has also been a rise in gardening in small spaces as urban dwellers have become more environmentally concerned and also more conscious of the health benefits they can enjoy from gardening. Whether it be planting up pots with perennials or planting up a few vegetables and herbs, it’s possible to enjoy a bit of gardening in the smallest of spaces by using pots and other containers.

Unlike previous generations before research from Wyevale Garden Centres also shows that young budding gardeners tend to go for convenience planting such as buying pre-planted pots to give instant colour to outside spaces all year around.

If you want to bring a bit of outdoors inside your home then go for greenery with large leaves, Wyevale suggest plants such as Calatheas and Monstera.

Due to bad weather conditions in 2016 there have been some shortages in a number of vegetables available, with courgettes particularly being hard to get hold of, so they have predicted that more people will try to grow their own this year.

The big trend for 2017 is shrubs, which according to Wyevale will take over from perennials this year. They say that the Virbunum Kilimanjaro Sunrise and Hebe are two of the shrubs that will do well all year around.