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July 26th 2017
Staging your bedroom for a sale…
When selling a property it’s important to consider the aspiration of your prospective buyer, if they can imagine themselves living in your property then you will be half way there to achieving a sale.
March 7th 2017
Tips on preparing your house for sale
Ensuring your home looks at its best will ensure that your home appeals to the widest possible market, and is crucial to you achieving the best price. So here is our preparing your house for sale guide.
October 12th 2016
How to update your property for a sale
Property buyers will normally expect the kitchen and bathroom/s to be in a good condition in a property for sale, unless it’s reflected in the asking price.
September 25th 2016
Downsizing, is it the right choice for you?
If you have found yourself rattling around your home because your children have fled the nest, you’re not alone - one in five people want to downsize1 the lack of smaller homes and high moving costs are putting people off.
September 25th 2016
How to use colour to link your home’s interior
Using colour to link rooms together is a very successful interior design technique. If you paint your walls in a neutral colour palette, applying colours such as pale greys, pinks and whites, you can then introduce pops of colour through your soft furnishings.
September 9th 2016
Eclectic flooring in this beautiful Surrey home
Eclectic flooring is this year’s interior must have, it’s all about mixing up complimentary flooring materials.
August 9th 2016
Champion your home’s interior with a taste of Rio
The Olympic games are into the first week and there have been spectacular highs and lows for the British Olympic team so far. W...
August 5th 2016
Landlords...the importance of a tidy garden this summer
Summer is upon us and if you haven’t already tidied up your garden for a summer rental, then now is the time to do it. The desi...
July 21st 2016
How to get your shed organised
For many of us a garden shed will start off as a place to store DIY tools and garden equipment, add the odd child’s toy and a c...
June 8th 2016
Create your own wine cellar…
Most of us are quite happy to pick up the odd bottle of wine at a local supermarket, preferably one which is on offer, but if y...
June 2nd 2016
Property buyers seek out doer-uppers
Homebuyers are now realising the importance of adding value to their potential property, reflected in the fact that seven out o...
May 4th 2016
How to maximise the space in your utility room…
A utility room is an essential part of modern life – but instead of viewing it as a dumping ground for a whole plethora of hous...